About PixelTrik

Hi, I am Apan Trikha & welcome to my virtual estate, PixelTrik. This is my pseudonym too that I have been using since 2017 during the days of my relentless persuation for game development. Here, I keep up my blogs and tutorials for others to have better insights in engineering as I am growing as a professional software engineer and as a person.


Do Junior Devs need to learn Data Structures and Algorithms?
Clearing the confusion with experience.
By Apan Trikha at Jul 22 2022
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Why I wasn't "working" for 1.5 years?
Breaking my silence on the sabbatical
By Apan Trikha at Jul 16 2022
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How I Ameliorated Brainfry?
By making slightly more optimal C code
By Apan Trikha at Jun 07 2022
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How I built Conway's Game of Life
A small code walk-through of a small game
By Apan Trikha at Sep 28 2021
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What I Learned from OS Development?
Way more than building one...
By Apan Trikha at Aug 25 2021
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The Curious Relation of Turing Machines and BrainFry
Let's make a useless language useful by creating an interpreter yourself.
By Apan Trikha at Apr 11 2021
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On Most People Teaching Unix
Discussing pitfalls and cringe moments encountered from people when teaching about Unix
By Apan Trikha at Feb 25 2021
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On Minimalist and CLI based Softwares
Because simplicity can be unobvious
By Apan Trikha at Feb 15 2021
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